Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Treasure Storage Organizer

My daughter was, and continues to be, a collector of objects. Rocks, shells, tiny plastic toys, shiny things, buttons, feathers. The common denominator? They are small. The smaller the better.His preference for the diminutive extends to his craft projects: tiny sculpture food made from polymer clay, tiny flipbooks bound by a single clip, tiny detailed works of art drawn on cards.
Treasure Storage Organizer

Everything is exquisite. But while she was born with a natural attraction of little things, she does not have the talent to keep her collections organized ... or even findable. We support very rarely, but when we do it is usually on its treasure collection: its constant desire to keep things "special" and my nagging constant to organize it or put it away.When the opportunity came to write about storage for The Home Depot, I seized upon it as a way for Mimi and I to take charge of his little treasures. She obviously gets a great joy about the collection and the police station, so finding a way to organize and store her collections would make us happier at the same time.The first step was to identify our needs. Too often I try to solve a storage problem or organization with a new container / tablet / set of drawers when, really, we must first understand what product will adapt to the law.

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  1. looks like a super cool tool to get all your stationery organised!

    great post!